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Ebola virus (August 2014)

Ebola virus disease in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone (August 2014). [Read More]

The Hadj and Oumra

The Hajj 1435/2014 and Umrah (June 2014). [Read More]

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Christine Colin« I had the privilege of contributing to the founding of the Clinique Santé Voyage of Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) in the 1980s. Since then, my professional life has taken me farther than the HMR, while offering many opportunities to make international contributions. So whenever the need arises, I gladly return to the clinic (now known as Clinique Santé-Voyage de Montréal) to benefit from the warm welcome, skills, and expertise, in other words the fine care from Linda, Dominique and everyone who has earned the clinic its reputation. Thank you all!

Traveling…to discover the beauty of the world and its inhabitants, to share and build a world of peace, justice and friendship!

Dr. Christine Colin, Public Health Professor
Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montréal
Director of Health Promotion, Ste-Justine Hospital

Denis Léonard « As an engineer who worked on several large infrastructure projects all over the world, I highly recommend the services of the Clinique Santé-Voyage de Montréal. I appreciate their sound advice and professional and personalized services. »

Denis Léonard, CEO
Nouvelle Autoroute 30, s.e.n.c

Sylvain Lebrun « As an ex-Armed Forces member and public servant, I was asked to leave suddenly for humanitarian missions in Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia and Africa. The services offered at Clinique Santé-Voyage de Montréal meet my specific and particular needs. The staff is efficient, professional, and courteous, and a physician is always available.»

Sylvain Lebrun

Robert Morin« [as a] college teacher and coordinator of the internship in Cameroon since 2006, we use the vaccination service for all our students because we can count on the professionalism and warm welcome by the clinic staff. Also, I do not hesitate to use the clinic's services for my family before we travel overseas. Prevention is certainly better than getting sick in a foreign country. »

Robert Morin

Raymond Tousignant et Lise Villiard« We have been attending the clinic for 25 years; they are true professionals with vast experience. They know every country and even the itineraries depending on which tour organizer we use. Having our file, with a simple telephone call, they kindly tell us whether we have to go there or if we already have the vaccines we need for our destination, so we don't have to go to the clinic for nothing. We feel that they want to help us, they're very motivated and form a good team to meet our needs. »

Raymond Tousignant and Lise Villiard

Jocelyne Dionne« The Clinique Santé-Voyage de Montréal…is a team of health professionals with solid experience in the area of health prevention for travellers, wherever you may go.

Cégep Marie-Victorin has been using the clinic's services for over 10 years to prepare the students (of all ages) and staff before they travel overseas. Whether it concern training, vaccination, prescriptions or follow-up, the clinic's professionals invariably offer quality service.

Also, we appreciate the services of professionals who can come to us, to advise the students and teachers of precautions to take before and throughout their trip to maintain their health.

We are very satisfied with this cooperation and especially the quality of services offered! Long live the clinic!

Jocelyne Dionne,
International Development Consultant
Cégep Marie-Victorin